Volunteer Opportunities

Mentor @ AEYL Web Dev Course

1 location

Volunteer mentors are the heart of Bold Idea’s coding education programs. Our students depend on their mentors for encouragement and coaching as they develop their projects. Rather than give answers, mentors challenge students to work together as a team and problem solve – whether it’s a bug in their program, a tough coding concept or what step to take next.

Mentor - 2019 Spring Semester

7 locations

Mentors develop positive, encouraging relationships with students at Bold Idea program sites and serve as role models to support students’ career aspirations in technology. Mentors challenge students to collaborate and to solve any problems they encounter.

Floater Mentor - 2019 Spring Semester

7 locations

Can't make a weekly commitment to one program site? Sign up to "float" between our various program sites that occasionally need additional support. You'll receive the same training as our regular mentors.

Member, Board of Directors

Bold Idea’s immediate governing and fund development responsibilities rely on the support of a separate Board of Directors. The Board supports the work of Bold Idea and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance.

Web Developer

Bold Idea is seeking Python/Django web developers to support maintenance and new feature development for Hive, Bold Idea's student and volunteer registration system. We are holding our first hackathon event on Saturday, June 23.

Curriculum Developer

Bold Idea is seeking volunteers to serve as curriculum developers during 2018/2019 school year